At the core of my work is a search for ways to express the interaction between mankind and the natural world. Art is also a way of expressing my deepest inner feelings and finding a new way of seeing. I am able to bring my feelings to life by creating unique shapes, forms and colors. This experience can often bring profound joy and a deeper connection to the world.

I am now showing my art for others to experience, and moved when others participate in the viewing.

I am showing at Xanadu on-line gallery, Saatachiart on line, and Fine Art Gallery on-line.

If you are interested in purchasing art locally, please contact me directly.

Click Here to view the New Book – L’Chayim – To Life: Memoirs of a Survivor of a Nazi Ghetto

Zalman Ber   The True Story of the Man the Nazis Could Not Kill on Amazon or through me or on Amazon.